Graduate of the Hartt School of Music, Hartford, Connecticut

Student from 2011-2015

Naomi is one of the most gifted vocal teachers I have had the pleasure of working with.  Her attention to detail and vocal technique is extraordinary and she brings her expertise and compassion to each lesson.  She helped me develop and strengthen my voice into an instrument I am proud to use. From the many years spent with her, she completely transformed my vocal strength and confidence; so much so that I chose to pursue a career in the performing arts. Naomi is not only an extraordinary singer and teacher, but a genuine and kind person as well.



Both of my children have studied with Naomi since 2014. Naomi's studio is one that is focused on explaining the technique required to create a healthy sound and a beautiful tone. Opportunities for performance are extremely important to Naomi and we love that we get to hear our children sing often so that we can follow their progression. Under her guidance, they have excelled at festivals and community performances. Our daughter is now a member of The Young Canadians--one of Calgary's premier performing arts groups. And, both of our children, have gained confidence and skills that they will bring with them into adulthood. We LOVE Naomi!


B.F.A. University of Northern Ohio

Student from 2010-2015

Naomi introduced me to one of my greatest passions in life and helped me unlock things in my voice I was never aware of. Not only is she an outstanding teacher but she really cares deeply about each of her students as individuals.  The mixture of technique and fun in her lessons made for the perfect place to grow as a vocalist.



Naomi Koch is an exceptional voice teacher. She is enthusiastic and energetic! She is very caring towards her students. On the other hand Naomi expects her students to work hard. I have two children taking voice in her studio. They both want to work hard for her and to please her. We have often thought that you can pick out her students at music festival, by their projection and technique. Naomi is both a gifted musician and gifted teacher.


Student from 2012-present

I have returned to Naomi’s studio after four years of university in a separate province. I just couldn’t stay away. Naomi was and continues to be one of my biggest supporters. She has done so much more than simply teach me how to sing and perform. Her desire to see me succeed has been apparent in the extra hours she spends with me discussing ideas, in the recommendations she has written for me, in the nominations for community awards she has made on my behalf, and in her caring and compassionate persona. She is more than I could have asked for in a coach and in a teacher.


Student from 2011-2016

I was blessed to be able to take singing lessons with Naomi over many years. She helped me find and develop my voice and confidence in ways that other teachers could not. Naomi challenges her students, and also gains strong relationships with them. With her help, I was able to reach a vocal potential in which I did not know was possible for myself.


The Hartt School of Music,
Hartford, Connecticut

Student from 2007-2009

Naomi is an awesome teacher! She is clear and specific and totally in tune with what I needed to hear in order to improve. She also has great taste in music for her students. She came highly recommended to me and I highly recommend her.


Student from 2013-2017

I had the privilege of taking singing lessons from the wonderful Naomi Koch for 5 years. Naomi’s teaching not only helped me understand the concept of singing and how to sound the best I could, but they completely altered how I sang. My voice developed in ways I never thought possible, and her perspective on singing provided me with the best teaching I have ever had. Naomi is extremely talented and supportive, and if it weren’t for her desire to help me succeed and the big smile I was greeted with at every lesson, I wouldn’t be the singer that I am today. I would recommend Mrs. Koch to anyone looking for a singing teacher.


C.C.P.A Victoria, B.C.

Student from 2005-2009

I can remember the safe learning place that Naomi created in her studio. She always knew what I was capable of and knew how to push me to my potential. I always felt seen, felt understood and accepted. Not only did I feel validated as a person but she taught me so much about my voice and tools that I still carry with me as a performer today. Ten years later I have been invited back into the studio as an acting coach. It warms my heart to watch Naomi interact with her students. I get to witness the passion and care she has for each young artist that walks through her door. She is always searching for new techniques, new vocal material and different ways to teach. Naomi is the most passionate, caring and motivated teachers I have ever had the privilege to train with and I feel honoured that I get to work alongside her and witness the positive impact she makes on so many other young lives.


Singer songwriter

Student from 2001-2004

Naomi was one of my first voice teachers, and truly helped set me up for success as an international touring artist and songwriter. She gave me the technical skills I needed, and helped me grow immensely as a singer, while also encouraging my creativity as a writer and performer.


student 2015-present

I am so blessed to have Naomi as a vocal teacher. Naomi will never sacrifice your vocal health to get a certain sound. She teaches proper technique, knowing that this goes hand in hand with both vocal health and good sound.
Not only is Naomi an excellent teacher of music, but she is an excellent teacher of people. She is gifted in knowing when to come along side you in encouragement and when to push you out of your comfort zone to reach your potential. She will not allow you to settle for less than your best.
The greatest teachers are those that are themselves learners, and Naomi demonstrates what it is to be a life-long learner as she continues to be on top of the latest research and professional development, examining how it can influence her teaching.


student from 2016-present

When I first began lessons I was 14. I was very reserved and nervous about starting later than most students, but eager to learn. Naomi was very patient with me but also pushed me to come out of my shell and grow as a singer. I can honestly say that voice lessons with Naomi have helped me open up in all aspects of life. When I first started lessons I could barely sing in public but in a very short time I was chosen to go to the provincials in Musical Theatre and got the lead in Peter Pan in my high school musical theatre production, all thanks to Naomi and her guidance. I am in my third year of lessons with Naomi and I am excited to use the skills she has taught me.

Naomi is incredibly knowledgeable; I come home from lessons every week with something new I have learned. Naomi is kind and encouraging. Voice lessons with Naomi are a lot of work but are very rewarding. For anyone who wants to pursue their vocal journey, I would 100% recommend her studio.