I have spent much of my teaching career learning about the functional aspect of singing. The way we use our bodies directly contributes to the sound we create. Whether one is singing an operatic aria or belting a musical theatre showtune, our bodies must know how to integrate its parts to create a sound that is connected and free.

I love teaching singing.  I believe that the creative process of singing contributes to the well being of all students and is a wonderful expression of their whole person(physical, psychological and spiritual). I believe performance teaches us courage, humility, generosity and develops our overall confidence which are invaluable gifts in our life journey. 

Every student has their own unique voice and learning style.  I am a singer and I appreciate anyone who wants to share their voice with me, understanding how vulnerable that can be.  As their teacher I am committed to helping students discover their most authentic voice which can be very exciting.

I have been teaching singing for twenty years. In the past I have directed children and youth choirs in Saskatoon and Okotoks and community musical theatre. I have performed as a soloist in community events, musical theatre and competed at the national level in chamber vocal music.

I have furthered and continue my education through master classes, workshops, and online courses including Jeanette Lovetri and Somatic Voicework, Mary Saunders-Bel Canto can Belto, Neil Semer-The singing voice, Natalie Weiss-breaking down the riffs, Kimberly Barber and Michelle Wheatley-Brown-Body Mapping for singers, Kim Wanat Mattice-The Resonant Voice, Craig Johnson and Robert Edwin.

My early education includes Grade 9 piano, Grade 10 Voice and ARCT in vocal pedagogy through the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music and studies in the B.A. Mus. program at Ambrose University, Calgary. 

Presently I am on the Highwood Festival Board and member of the National Association for the Teachers of Singing.